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This site contains Ford Model AA trucks and parts which are being offered for sale by Neil Wilson. These are trucks and parts being sold to reduce excess inventory collected over a number of years.

The sell-aafords Map page provides a link-listing of all site pages and is helpful in seeing the hierarchic of this site’s pages.


Navigating the Sell AA Fords Site

Enjoy navigating this site. The header menu is the key site navigation tool. Also, many pages have a “Page Content” or “Multi-Page Content” menu below the page title and  this is repeated at the bottom of page. Note “sell-aafords Info” in the menu (left end) and in page footers. This page provides links to  “Map, Search, Contact, Links, and About” pages.

Links within a page or to a page within sell.aafords.com retains the current tab/window. Links to other sites opens the site’s page in a new tab/window. Right clicking allows any link to be opened in a new tab or new window. “Home” in the header and footer are links back to this page.

Main menu link colors are:

Black – Not the current page being viewed.
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Other links have the following standardized colors:

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